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Sentido Lykia Resort & Spa

The sun that shines so brightly on the Mediterranean...
An enchanting bay embracing the Babadağ mountains with so many different shades of blue glistening in the sea. Luxurious, modern and mystical architecture surrounded by emerald green trees merges with Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Seljuk and Greek culture...
A place where you can make things happen in a moment.
You would be mistaken if you think we were talking about a world of fairy tales. This is the fascinating world of Sentido Lykia Resort & Spa...
Here "You" are the focal point! Our aim is for you to enjoy yourself, be happy and relaxed. This will be a whole new world for you to sense different emotions, sample a variation of cuisines, have fun and to engage with new experiences.
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Walking, trekking or hiking along the Lycian Way

The Lycian Way has a trading history lasting around 3 thousand years, and is regarded to be one of the longest walking routes in the world.

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Butterfly Valley

Butterfly valley is a paradise that has been preserved amongst the high hills of Fethiye's Faralya village.

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Have you visited the Ancient City of Kayaköy?

Formerly known as Levissi, Kayaköy, is a settlement which was established during the Lycian period.

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Saklıkent Canyon

Saklıkent Canyon is a miracle of nature and a thing of beauty that should be seen.

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Discover Fethiye

Fethiye with a population of 151,474 inhabitants, is a provincial town located within the state of Muğla where both the Mediterranean and Aegean seas intersect. The towns previous name was 'Meğri' which n Greek, means of 'distant Land'.

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Ancient cities and landmarks

Ancient city of Tlos, Patara ancient city, Cadianda ancient city.

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How does it feel when you are Paragliding?

The imposing 1969 meters high Babadağ mountain is located east of Ölüdeniz and the Liberty Hotels.

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Blue Voyage in Ölüdeniz and Fethiye.

Whilst staying at the Liberty Hotels Lykia, it is easy to embrace history, nature and discover the many magnificent bays as you sail along the blue waters where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas come together.

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Scuba diving

One of the fun sports you can do during your stay at the Liberty Hotel Lykia is to explore the crystal clear blue waters off Fethiye's coastline by attempting an underwater dive.

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Ölüdeniz Jeep Safari

Ölüdeniz Jeep safari is a fantastic alternative for our guests who want to experience Fethiye's scenic beauty.

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Fethiye Paspatur market

The Fethiye Paspatur market is located 12 km's away from the Liberty Hotels Lykia.

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