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Sanitas Classic Massage

An in depth and sensitive massage that is muscle relaxing and stress removing. A massage meant for the muscles. With light and strong touches the blood circulation is quickened up, and it is conducted to suit varying needs. Additionally, the aim here is to relax the tissues, every single cell, and as a result, the whole organism. Massaging and softening up the legs, arms and back with application of your choice of aromatic oils. All of your tense areas from head to toe are relaxed.

Sportsts Massage

A manner of massage that is creative in part and relaxing on the other. The primary aim of this massage is to quicken up the blood circulation. Muscle, nerve and vertebrae problems are treated with ice compression and supporting bandages. Special sports massage techniques are applied, the muscles are enlivened, muscle functions are measured, tennis arms are treated, etc.

Relaxing Massage

In this massage, techniques are used that are relaxing and refreshing for the body. The nerves are relaxed and inner peace is maintained. Given from head to toe, with this sensitive but also in depth massage tensions are relaxed and you will have a feeling of a new wellbeing.


A concentrated foot massage applied with a special massaging technique. Working on your feet and focusing on special points this will send the message to your whole body and most of your organs and will help relieve any tension that you have. The energy blockages are removed, the strength points of the body are activated which contributes to the self healing phase.


It exceptionally relaxes the body, the soul and the mind. A complete body massage suitable to your body type with Ayurvedic oils (Prakriti). This traditional massage, by stimulating the energy channels in the organism, activates the blood circulation and energy flow, strengthens the defense mechanisms of the body and helps remove the toxins from the body.

Abhyanga Synchronic (4 Hands)

This one is for those who would like to enjoy the oil massage Maha Abhyanga-synchronic (Ayurvedic complete body massage performed with four hands). The four hand performed synchronic massage is one of the oldest massages of the Ayurveda tradition and it balances the energy circulation of the body. Its effects; provides a deep relaxation, fills the body with energy, relaxes the soul and supports the internal balance. It strengthens the nerve system, purifies the cell metabolism and activates it.


This traditional Japanese treatment form means "finger pressure". In this technique the pressure applied by the hands stimulates the inner body and natural energies contained within the body circulation. Just as in the other eastern treatment methods, here too the "Chi" or "Ki" is being balanced. This revitalization balances the body, keeps it healthy and makes it breath and function better. The simple pressure techniques regulate the balance and support a more dense energy flow. Shiatsu is performed on the floor in comfortable attire. While the guest is breathing in balance and lets go of herself/himself consciously, our expert relaxes the stressed areas with his/her hands, knees and feet, removing the aches and discomfort.